Assembly Details

Most products on our website will require unpacking and some form of assembly. It may be possible for you to engage our delivery contractors to assist with assembly however Furniture 4U will not be responsible for any damages to the product from delivery contractors or customers. 

As most items will be well packaged, Furniture 4U as a courtesy will removal and dispose of any product packaging at the time of delivery.

If you require further assembly details about any of our products, please see below, or contact us.

Most mattresses will be supplied in plastic, ready to be placed onto a bed and will not require assembly. A small number of mattresses on our site will be provided in a box, which will require opening, unrolling then cutting the plastic to allow air to expand inside the mattress. Some of these may take 24-48 hours to be fully expanded before correct comfort can be experienced.

Most beds will require siderails to be attached to the head and foot of the bed, then the slats to be placed inside the siderails. Some beds (especially containing drawers, gas lift and storage) will require further installation as per the instructions provided by the supplier.

May require drawer handles to be affixed. These are usually screwed onto the inside of the drawers and will require unscrewing, then re-screwing onto the front of the drawer. Some product will be supplied flat packed (RTA) and will require assembling.

Will require glides/casters to be affixed. These will be attached to the underside of the base and will require threading into the base. Regular checks to ensure tightness is encouraged, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

All bunks will require assembly and usually are packaged in heavy boxes. Side rails will be required to be attached to the head and foot of the bunk, then slats placed inside the side rails. Each bunk will be provided with a safety rail and/or ladder which must be affixed when assembling the product by law. Failure to affix may put the user in danger of falling out of the bunk.

Important Note: Although the suitable minimum age to use a bunk bed can vary greatly depending on a child’s maturity and development, using the top bunk or a raised bed is not recommended for children under nine years old.

Many storage boxes come assembled but may require feet/legs to be affixed to the underside.

All of these items usually come in heavy cardboard boxes and or bags and may contain plenty of polystyrene for packaging. The cartons will be required to be opened without the use of a knife and the backs of the lounges locked into any recliner, 3 or 2 seater. Some lounges are just wrapped in plastic and will not require any assembly at all.

Many of our dining products come fully assembled however a small selection are flat packed and will be required to be assembled with an Allyn Key or screwdriver.

Majority of our dining tables will require some form of assembly. With the legs already attached to the tabletop, makes a difficult delivery into most homes. Usually the legs of a table are supplied in one carton with the tabletop, however some products have 2 or 3 boxes per table.

Majority of these items are supplied fully assembled.